Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PER'TUA-Performance, Power & Protection!

You are bound

to spend a lot

in engine overhaul

if you are not using:


What is Per’tua?

Per’tua is an oil & metal treatment.
Per’tua is a motor oil additive.
Every time you change your engine oil add 1can (320ml) of Per’tua Oil & Metal Treatment.

What are the benefits in using Per’tua? 

1.    It saves you the tremendous overhaul cost of Php 80,000 or more.

Every time you cold start your vehicle with-out Per’tua, metal grinds against metal in your engine. Because when you turn-off your engine motor oil goes down to the oil pan and when you start it again, it runs for about 300-400 revolutions with-out oil before the motor oil goes up from the oil pan. Reason why after 5,000 km. run the motor oil is already dirty with micro metal chippings caused by the friction during cold starts.

With-out Per’tua, due to metal chippings caused by the friction during cold starts, wear & tear of the engine accumulates. In 2-3 years you are bound to spend a lot in engine overhaul about Php 80,000.

With PER’TUA, the revolutionary oil and metal treatment that keeps all types of engines performing better than new!

Per’tua Oil, has more prominent physical characteristics that makes it superior and with outstanding performance over other leading brands.

PER’TUA becomes an integral part of the metal, a U. S. patented technological breakthrough that was never before found in any single oil product.

With PER’TUA, every morning engine start up, even with occurrence of the overnight dripping of the oil on the oil pan, because PER’TUA doesn’t leave the metal and keep it always protected, even during cold starts, the engine is well lubricated and friction is prevented.

2.    Per’tua protects the engine from bursting in case of accidental loss of motor oil due to accidental leak.

Per’tua becomes semi-permanent on the surface of the metal; it will enable the machine to run safely for ample period of time just in case you are unaware of the accidental loss of oil.  

3.  Pertua prolong the life of motor oil by 2 – 3 times.

Typically, for motor oils, the normal life is only good for 3,000 miles (5,000 Km.) or 250 running hours on heavy equipment, however, Per’tua Oil & Metal Treatment if added to the motor oil will prevent friction, thus, it will extend the life of the motor oil by 2 to 3 times longer than usual oil change frequency of other oils in the market, every 10,000 – 15,000 km.

Just imagine how much savings you are getting:

a.   Extensions in the change oil intervals.
b.   Overhaul cost if you are not using Per’tua.

Don’t dilly dolly! 

For your engine:

Performance!  Power! Protection!


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